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Private Music Teacher-Chambers Music Studio


Chambers Music Studio and Music Palette were began by a local music teacher that wanted to create a supportive community space for teachers and students to gather. Families can enjoy a beautiful quiet space while their students wait for lessons, students can meet friends before and after their lessons, and teachers can work in a collaborative environment offering high quality options for our community. 


Our mission is to inspire musicians and foster a sense of community through high quality music education. We strive to guide our students and families on a lifelong musical journey by providing a supportive and enriching environment that nurtures their creativity, cultivates their skills, and promotes their personal growth. Our aim is to empower our students to discover the joy and fulfillment that music brings and to develop a deep appreciation for its transformative power. We are committed to providing high-quality instruction, innovative programs, and exceptional service to our community, with the goal of making music education accessible and enjoyable for all.


-Inspire Musicians

-Build Community

-Guide students on their musical journey

-Provide a consistent environment and schedule for our students.


-Show up for your students every week with a great attitude offering students support on their musical journey.

-Show up consistently.

-Mark attendance.

-Attend free training sessions.

-Share progress with families and the studio

-Prepare students for special performances and recitals.

You're the Right Person If:

-You have a love of music education.

-You want to shape future musicians.

-You love working in a fun community of musicians.

-You want a consistent work schedule.

You Have:

-A bachelor’s degree in your instrument or equivalent experience.

-Teaching experience in your instrument.

-Experience working with kids and families.

Please inquire below for further information.

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