Frequently Asked Questions

We offer lessons for all ages and instruments by highly qualified teachers in an inclusive environment at two locations. Check out the get started page to register and see teacher, location, and instrument availability.

Our offerings are constantly changing and evolving. You can read about the teachers, classes, and details from our get started page. From there you can also register for any private or group class at any of our locations from our Get Started page.

We offer one time paid trial lessons in any private or group class at any location on our Get Started page.

Our teachers are highly qualified professionals who rely on their teaching positions as their main source of income. In order to facilitate a smooth transition and provide adequate notice to the teacher, and maintain a high standard of excellence for our institution, we kindly request that you provide us with a 30-day notice period if you need to terminate your spot in the studio by filling out this form.

We recommend a consistent schedule. However, we understand that sometimes extenuating circumstances happen. Therefore, using our portal you can cancel with 24 or more hours notice to receive a makeup token eligible for a future lesson with any teacher at any of our locations. We do offer emergency notice of 4 hours as well. Inside the 4 hours notice, the lesson is charged and the teacher is paid for his/her/their time. Please provide as much notice as possible. 

Because music is a second language, we recommend continuing lessons year round so that students do not lose momentum.  Most students continue lessons in person or online throughout the summer. We offer makeup lessons as an option for families needing to reschedule occasionally due to vacations or camps. In addition there is a hold or withdrawal as an option with 30 days notice.

We use the recurring weekly lesson structure. Weekly music lessons are of paramount importance for several reasons. Firstly, they ensure a consistent and structured approach to learning music, preventing the loss of momentum that can occur when lessons are infrequent. Regular sessions allow students to build upon their previous knowledge and skills, reinforcing their progress and fostering a deeper understanding of music theory and technique. Additionally, weekly music lessons offer valuable social and emotional benefits. Engaging in music lessons provides a supportive and encouraging environment where students can develop their self-expression, creativity, and confidence. Interacting with a music teacher and fellow students cultivates a sense of belonging and camaraderie, enhancing social skills and promoting teamwork. Ultimately, weekly music lessons establish a solid foundation for musical growth while nurturing personal and interpersonal development.

While we try to be accommodating to our families, we also want to be considerate of other students and the teachers. Biweekly lessons block a spot for other students and create a recurring hole in the teachers schedule. In addition they create billing problems in our software. However, we do offer makeup lessons.

Our goal is to facilitate student recovery and ensure a seamless continuation of his/her/their musical education. Music can serve as a remarkable activity to continue pursuing during the healing process. Even with one arm in a cast, students can focus on further enhancing his/her/their musical abilities through music. We can continue to refine his/her/their beat, rhythm, music reading, technique, and ear training skills, ensuring that the student maintains progress and momentum until fully healed.


We would be delighted to reschedule any missed lessons, allowing Rohan the opportunity to catch up on any instruction he may have missed due to his injury.

We are committed to supporting our students’ learning and growth. As music education is a long-term process, we believe that consistent year-round scheduling is crucial for students to develop and refine their skills. Music education offers multifaceted benefits, such as developing gross and fine motor skills, rhythmic abilities, reading proficiency, social emotional well-being, and much more. 


We understand that life can be busy and sometimes students may need to take a break. However, we generally do not recommend breaks longer than a few weeks. That’s why we offer makeup lessons. In extenuating circumstances, we offer two options for students who want to take a summer break: a hold or a withdrawal. If you choose to hold, we will keep your enrollment information and secure your spot in the program for the following semester. If you choose to withdraw, we will process your request accordingly. 

To assist us in processing your request, please fill out this form. Regardless of your choice, we are always here to support you and your learning journey. Thank you again for considering our music education program.

Music education is a long-term, lifelong skill. Because we do not want to lose momentum, we recommend weekly consistent lesson scheduling. However, in extenuating circumstances, we realize that a hold might be necessary. The hold form must be completed for a future date with 30 days or more notice for 3-8 weeks. In the case of longer breaks, students must fill out the withdrawal form with 30 days notice and re-enroll when they are ready.

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